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As a prehospital emergency medical institutions Xi ' an Medical Emergency Center provides pre-hospital rescue and transport services. The emergency phone number is 120.
If you need, dial 120, and tell us your location, your basic information, then we will send an ambulance ASAP. Emergency personnel will carry out on-site rescue. If necessary, they will transfer the patient to a hospital for further treatment. Emergency services charges at a stipulated price.
How to dial 120
How are you
Here is the xi 'an emergency center's official website, if you are in xi 'an city because of a disease or accident harm need emergency medical, please call 120, call emergency services.
Dial 120, please clearly to the dispatcher your position, your basic situation, so that we can provide medical services.
Address: No.?111,??Fengcheng 4?Road,?economic and Technological Development Zone, Xi'an?
Tel:029-86103213         Email:xas120@163.com
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